Self-care is a very important tool to help you moderate your Internet use and develop a healthy relationship with technology. When you hear of self-care you may think of spa days or a weekend away. Self-care, however, is more than that. It doesn't have to be expensive; it can be simple behaviours that you incorporate into your daily routine to help you protect your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Additionally, self-care actions can support your journey towards a healthy Internet use. When you are not prioritising yourself and your wellbeing you are sabotaging yourself. This can fuel negative, and even distractive behaviours like excessive online use and Internet addiction behaviours. Therefore, engaging in self-care actions can be an ally to your screen moderation journey.

Summary of the actions

Self-care can include a number of habits, actions, and routines that aim at helping us refuel our minds and bodies. In the self-care Module you’ve learnt the following suggestions:

  • Practice gratitude and keep a gratitude journal.
  • Avoid using your devices while eating. This will help you eat in a more mindful and intuitive way.
  • Leave your phones and tablets outside the bedroom.
  • Be kind and forgiving with yourself.
  • Take care of your physical healthy by exercising and listening to your body’s needs.
  • Try relaxation and breathing exercises to manage the stress caused by your excessive Internet use.

Extra tips & information

Another way to protect your self and practice self-care is by establishing healthy boundaries. That includes recognising what you need and want and asking for it. Not being afraid to say no to people will help you set and maintain your boundaries.

Additionally, being open about your recovery journey can be very helpful. This will help you protect your boundaries as well and avoid situations that can set your recovery back. For example, you may have friends that you bonded with over excessive online gaming or gambling. Don’t hesitate to be open and clear about your wish to moderate your online use. This may affect your relationship with them but remember you need to prioritise yourself and your goals during this journey!

Another suggestion is to engage in creative activities. Excessive Internet use may take a huge chunk of our everyday lives not leaving room for creative hobbies and endeavours. Your journey could be an opportunity to explore and connect with your creative side. Take up a hobby like photography, drawing, pottery, or making jewellery. This can help you relax, be present, and spend time away from the screen.

Extra resources

Video about self-care

Video about how to motivate yourself to change harmful behaviours

Video on how to say no to people




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