Behaviour Alternatives

Short introduction to Behaviour Alternatives

The topic of Behaviour Alternative refers to the implementation of a behaviour intervention plan to decrease a habit or behaviour that is harmful for the wellbeing of the individual. Additionally, it includes Strategies to allow for changing a behaviour and replacing it with a different one. Realisation of a harmful behaviour and engagement in helpful and productive activities are the most important factors that enable behaviour change. Behaviour Alternatives are designed to decrease the problematic behaviour and should routinely be accompanied by efforts to replace them with appropriate ones. By strengthening an alternative behaviour, this could result in reducing a problematic one.

Summary of the actions

The action cards on Behaviour alternatives will help the users reduce excessive screen use and to effectively manage screen-time through finding new ways to spend their time and eventually changing their habits. The action cards will demonstrate strategies that will help the user to accomplish alternative behaviour. Specifically, the action cards include:

1. Replace screen time to active time

2. Find a new hobby

3. Explore previously enjoyed activities

4. Improving Self-Efficacy

5. Behaviour Change

The main aim of the above action cards is to help individuals to identify behaviour alternatives to reduce screen time and prevent a potential internet addiction.

Extra tips & information

Identify what triggers problematic behaviour

Identifying a problematic behaviour and seeking change is the first step towards dealing with it and developing new healthier behaviours.

Give it time

Being consistent with your habits is a key to keep a new behaviour in your life. Habits can change but it takes time and effort. For a habit to be formed it takes on average 66 days. It is ok to fall back but remember commitment to your goal for a short period can provide long-term results.

Change the environment

When you find it difficult to cope with a problem behaviour, changing your surroundings can help manage the problem. For instance, some tips include placing your your computer or TV in a different room, set a time rule to use your phone (Settings —> Screen Time —> App Limits), leave your phone away from your bed, place the things or material next to your bed which are relevant to a new hobby you choose e.g. book, sportswear, create a visualise board and picture of what you want to accomplish!

Extra resources

Here you can find some extra resources to help you towards behaviour change:





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